Tuesday, May 31, 2016

6 year old ecologist gets mad at what's happening to earth


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A tantrum to be encouraged. A video of a little boy who is very passionate about the planet has …


SEE IT: Emotional moment 6-year-old environmentalist becomes inconsolable over the state of the planet 

A tantrum to be encouraged.
A video of a little boy who is very passionate about the planet has gone viral.
The video, uploaded May 25, shows a little boy called Henry Marr having an emotional breakdown about the state of the environment as he slams litterbugs and deforestation.
In just six days, it’s been viewed a whopping 17,114,044 times on Facebook.
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“I’m going to try and fight them off when I’m a grown-up,” the distraught 6-year-old says. “I just don’t want animals to die – I wish I was an adult right now.”
The heart-rending moment was captured by the boy’s mother after he watched a video in school detailing the harmful impact humans are having on the planet.
Little Henry is an inspiration.

Little Henry is an inspiration.

(Allie Hall/Facebook)
“Picked Henry up from school the other day and I had no idea he was this passionate about our planet,” Allie Hall captioned the video.
“Don't litter or he might call you the "S" word! Feel free to share, Henry wants to make sure everyone stops being so dumb.”
Henry’s breakdown inspired dozens of people to leave encouraging messages of support lauding the little boy for his eco-friendly attitude.
“This is how he's being a helper before he is a grown up. His emotions and compassion will teach many to realize what they are doing to our planet and to our animals,” one Facebook user Robin Johnstone wrote.
“I hope as he grows he continues to be a teacher and a leader. What a beautiful gigantic soul in your child.”
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