Sunday, May 29, 2016

What is Silicon Valley's "Secret Sauce" for ongoing success

Reed Hoffman speaks about this on Fareed Zacharia GPS on CNN today Sunday May 29th 2016:
Also, you might see it online within a day or so at as a video.

Fareed Zacharia asked the following question to Mr. Hoffman: "What does the future of technology look like to you?"

Here are some of the things he said regarding this: "There are three broad things going on:

"Software is transforming". He prefers to think of it as a genetic transformation rather than as a consumption transformation.

1. Software is transforming the world.

It is now becoming a part of everything. That changes the role when bits change the destiny of atoms.

We are beginning to do personalized medicine. we actually have your genetic code.

Fareed speaks about how UBER is using bits to transform the Taxi industry worldwide where bits are moving atoms in this sense.

(And I'm saying here that the cost of this in this one industry is going to be horrific in the jobs lost worldwide simply because more men right now drive for a living than any other profession. So, as self driving taxis eliminate drivers around the world the changes will be horrific in many lives worldwide) And UBER is in the forefront of this change regarding self driving taxis right now along with Google.

2. Big Data= human index data

There are now unlimited applications that can be generated simply using the data already available generated by the masses every day now worldwide.

Because all life is now thought of as navigation of car, education, life, job, career etc.

So, navigation of all these things is possible using Software and Big Data (human index data)

3. Connections between software data and biology

rewriting genetics in living organisms. You might be able to save a child's life by rewriting some of their genetic code to screen out things like cancer or heart problems or other problems nearer to birth to increase their quality of life and to extend their lives.

It's Scary but also amazing opportunities.

Silicon Valley has a unique advantage not just in start up culture but also in blitz scale.

the majority of the super interesting tech companies in the world, the majority of them are created through Silicon Valley here in the U.S. or on the West Coast of the U.S.

Why are so many in a population of 8 1/2 million and 25 square miles why is this happening here?

 The best way I can explain it from watching all this is it has not only to do with start up money it has to do with the whole ever evolving quickly evolving culture and everything everyone has learned here since the 1950s on. So, it didn't happen overnight but since it is a 25 square mile area all these people hang out and network and because of this things often move very quickly.

He gives the example of how everything is done through email or text and not by phone during the start up process of beginning new businesses. This way everything can move at light speed between all involved parties. So, networking (communication and getting to know other people in the industry well and talking about innovative ways and ideas to do things makes everything move at lightspeed. And most other countries don't have the entire 60 year culture regarding all this that Silicon Valley does. They might have the ready investors but don't have the quick start up and fight to the finish culture of Silicon Valley to accomplish the same thing.

However, he thinks it would be great if there were actually more Silicon Valleys around the world.

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