Saturday, May 28, 2016

There likely will be Blood

As an intuitive and just as a person with common sense it is very likely this year that blood will be shed at Trump rallies all the way up until the election by protestors and Trump Supporters. And unfortunately if Trump is elected this type of blood shed by protestors and supporters might continue unabated if Trump is elected president for 4 more years time as well. It could easily undermine all the institutions in the U.S. including the Republican party for the next 4 years if Trump is elected president. The divides are just too great for there not to be ongoing violence from Trump's rhetoric unless it changes a great deal.

Local police will be spending hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars around the country trying to keep Trump supporters and Anti-Trump activists from killing each other as long as Trump is a viable Candidate or even after Trump is elected if that happens. It is inevitable I think at this point.

And what Trump is doing to unsettle the U.S. Populace will only be much worse than that for the rest of the World.

Trump is a natural divider of people both here in the U.S. and Around the world.

This is why I have been saying, "Even though Trump likely could save the middle Class he would likely get us all killed doing it."

So, what's the point of electing him if we cannot survive him as a nation?

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