Saturday, May 28, 2016

Obama is now the longest serving Wartime President in History

Begin partial quote from page 8 of the June 6 2016 Time magazine:

"But his reluctant commitment to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are likely to prove just as consuming to his successor as they were for him--Obama is, after all, now the country's longest-serving 'Wartime President'. For all the talk of American decline, U.S. military and economic power make it a sought=after ally and intimidating opponent everywhere around the globe. Whoever takes over next January, and whatever their views of foreign entanglements, will face the same demanding, complicated and ultimately unavoidable world Obama has struggled for eight years to shape." end partial quote from Time magazine.

I was surprised to discover that the news author of this piece was right about Obama being the longest serving wartime president. At first I thought of FDR but they are right because I believe he died in office around 1944 and Truman had to finish the war. Lincoln was assassinated in office during the war or end of the Civil War and Bush II was in office a while before Afghanistnn and Iraq happened.

So, at this point Obama IS the longest serving wartime president in history.

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