Friday, May 27, 2016

I find it useful to believe in God

Am I saying God actually exists?

I'm saying I find it useful to believe in God.


While I was growing up I looked around me at religious people and noticed they were kind of crazy.

To me, they were crazy in the 1950s because often they didn't go to doctors, expected God to heal them and then most of the time they died young.

So, I thought this was crazy not to go to doctors.

However, doctors then knew about less than 10% of what they do now because of computers and medical knowledge and experiements stored all over the place right now. So, I would say at least 90% more is known in medicine than was known in the 1950s. So, people had reason to feel skeptical of doctors then.

For example, they could not diagnose the cause of my childhood  epilepsy then which was from being hit in the head by a rock when I fell about 8 feet onto a rock in the mountains.

So, because of this I didn't know the cause of my childhood seizures (from age 10 to age 15) was from hitting my head and then my cranium grew and relieved the pressure of the blow by age 15 so my seizures stopped ever since.

But, no one told me that then. My son told me as he was studying to be a nurse and said, "The only kind of epilepsy one grows out of is blunt trauma epilepsy. Heredity epilepsy often is permanent."

So, I didn't learn this until after 2000 when my son was in college but I was born in 1948. and had seizures from 1958 until 1963 from this condition.

However, going through all this made me believe in God so I didn't die. I can tell you straightforward I would be dead from panic now with a heart attack or stroke if I hadn't believed in God during this time.

And since then I have found it has kept me alive ever since all the way to age 68 so far.

So, "Why do I find believing believing in God useful?"

Because if you want to live a long life this is one of the many ways to do it. So, you don't just die of panic one day.

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