Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Election will be about how many Democrats come out to vote

We start with the fact that Trump and Clinton have the most unfavorable ratings of any two candidates in recent memory. In fact, as I go back to around 1952 I can't think of two more unfavorable Candidates than these two at all.

Often there was one in some election but never two like in this one. So, at this point it is not about how many Republicans come out for Trump it is ONLY about how many Democrats come out for Clinton. This is what will decide the election because the Republican party is much smaller to begin with than the Democratic party is. And historically and demographically the Republican party can ONLY grow smaller as more white people die that are Republicans than are being born yearly and because most Republican Children are Democrats from College until they are at least into their mid 30s or older.

So, this is Hillary's election to lose or win because of these demographics. So, likely the effectiveness of Trump putting down Hillary will be a bigger factor than Hillary putting down Trump. But, any way you look at it this is bound to be maybe the most negative election for President so far.

Because it won't be won by new ideas it will be won by how effective one is at putting down the other.

And I find this really sad to have to face something like this as an American where the positives of both candidates don't really matter at all this time.

So, basically this election is about, "Who don't you want to be president the most?"

Because that is exactly how people are going to vote. They are ONLY going to vote for the lesser of two evils at this point. Which I find very sad to think about as an American.

Because this is a failure of the American Dream in action to think this way.

The last election there was hope for America. This time there isn't hope or even a dream that can come out of this one.

We have the status quo in Hillary or we go off the edge of the earth and blow the whole planet up with Trump.

What a choice!?

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