Saturday, May 28, 2016

More Regarding Alaskan Bush People

When you look at this family on TV on their program you are literally looking at at least 40 years experience and an average of 30 years survival experience in the Alaskan Bush from their 3 oldest sons. Then you have 40 or more years of experience from his wife and as much experience as the two daughters have in years being alive on earth. So, you are looking at a wealth of experience and knowledge from all of them because of this.

It is as much about psychological survival as it is about physical survival. Living this remotely is both an art and a science all the time. You have to love it to do it. People usually don't do this if they hate it because they just do something else easier. This is a very hard life in some ways but if you are suited to it it would be the only one you would want to live.

Because of my experience living remotely where it then snowed 7 feet of snow often in the winters then at one time I can relate in many ways to their experiences. But, you have to have enough young and experienced people to pull this off at every stage in life. So, if you don't start young it is unlikely a person could pull this off and live very long while doing it.

I myself am grateful for the 5 years of living remotely with bears and dear and fairy diddles (flying squirrels) and snow and remoteness and raccoons, porcupines and the rest. Now, (for my children's sake) of being able to have careers anywhere on earth that they want or going to any colleges that they wanted to I'm grateful we left when we did after 5 years of this while they were mostly 5 to 12 years of age..

But, I also understand why they love it and wouldn't want to live any other life (for now).

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