Friday, May 27, 2016

Spiritual Technology

The problem with Spiritual Technology is that most people aren't evolved enough or don't have the right motivations in place to actually use it properly without dying.

Because of this most spiritual teachers capable of teaching spiritual technology don't.

And the reason that they don't teach this is because it is such a test to learn to have infinite compassion for yourself and all life in the universe.

Because if you use spiritual technology beyond a certain point death is the result within about 2 weeks if your motivation isn't perfect or very close to perfect.

So, the problem of spiritual technology is if you aren't ready for it, it just kills you because of improper motivations. Another way to say this is:

Spiritual technology is also instant Karma Always. So, whatever powerful spiritual technological thing you do to others you also do to yourself. So, you have at most 2 weeks before it ricochets back upon you in a Good, or Bad or neutral way or all three at once or any combination it happens to be.

So, this is why perfect motivation is necessary BEFORE you embark on a path of Spiritual technology because otherwise you are just going to die pretty soon. Maybe as soon as today or tomorrow.

So, although spiritual technology is a real thing most people cannot safely do it without dying soon. So, developing compassion for all life in the universe is necessary first to be a real practitioner of Spiritual Healing technology beyond a certain Point.

This is why they call such practitioners Masters.

By God's Grace

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