Thursday, December 29, 2016

There is always hope

IN the deep past before life vests were invented for sailors and passengers on ships, sailors often wore bell bottom pants because when they were wet you could take them off and fill them with air if you knew how to tie off the legs right in the right places so your pants became a life preserver. That's why they actually wore bell bottoms because their pants were emergency life preservers for several hundred years of sailors.

But, another fact of this is often if ships sank during wartime the ones who survived the most were not the youngest 17 to 21 year olds it was the men 24 25 and older who had already had many near death experiences in their lives. As the younger men in the water panicked and died from using up too much energy too fast, the older men often stayed calm realizing: "Look at all the really bad things I survived already. So, if I stay calm and focused I might just survive this too!"

When I look at the future under Trump to me it is sort of like when Obama leaves office the nice ship we were all used to sort of sinks into the west and we are all hoping the Trump ship picks us up and doesn't just run over us in the water.

So, in some ways we are these sailor in the water by January 20th but like these sailors we know all the bullshit in our lives we survived already. So, let's just see if we can survive Trump and what a Trump administration brings too. IF I look back to 1950 when my memories started when I was 2 it got and was really really bizarre many times along the way before now.

The two most bizarre times for me are likely the Cuban Missile Crisis, then Kennedy's assasination, his brother's assasination, Martin Luther King's assassination, until Nixon resigned in 1974. That time was completely insane and no one at all trusted the government after Kennedy was assassinated and they haven't really ever since.

Then the next craziest time was Gore winning the popular vote but the Supreme court betraying the people and putting Bush in. And then 9-11 happened and then the Great REcession happened and millions of people lost their homes.

These two periods have been the craziest so far.

But, I have a feeling Trump could be 10 times worse. So, get out your bellbottoms, you might need them pretty soon.

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