Monday, December 26, 2016

Why is Planned Parenthood receiving 40 times the rate of donations of before?

The reason is people don't want to see what has happened in the middle East in places like Syria and Iraq happen here. Where there is no birth control (or abortions) there will be genocide eventually. For example, 50 people shot in Chicago this weekend in ghettos. Why is this happening? No jobs is the main reason for black people that are young and uneducated. Why is ISIS happening in Syria and Iraq?

No jobs for young Sunni Muslim men so they cannot marry and since there is no dating in the Sunni Muslim religion their only way to stay alive is to get to be a paid terrorist or other criminal. What is happening in Syria and Iraq to poor people is also happening here in the U.S. to poor people especially blacks in ghettos already.

So, defunding Planned parenthood is only going to create more genocide in ghettos nationwide. It might also force a few white children to have their babies if they are 12 or older which might create more lower class Republicans. But mostly defunding of Planned parenthood by Republicans is only going to cause more suffering and death not less nationwide.

Right now we are not so overpopulated that the U.S. is a problem but it could become that way so it is as dysfunctional as most of the world is already. And preventing birth control and abortions is one way to cause untold suffering to humanity in the U.S. like it was before about 1960 when the birth control pill was first sold to the masses and this then created Freedom for women to go to college and not get married because they were pregnant. So, women's rights in the U.S. sprang from the birth control pill which gave women the right to not get pregnant unless they wanted to. And Planned parenthood supports this idea.

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