Tuesday, January 31, 2017

I bet Doomsday Preppers aroung the world are going apeshit at this point!

Trump and his politics of paranoia (similar to Hitler) is giving people who are already upset about the world reason to continue buying their use Nuclear weapons silos now in disuse around the world and preparing for the end of the human race in a nuclear Armageddon. Are they right in believing it is the end of time?

I'm thinking mostly thinking this way isn't useful unless it is buying 4 to 6 months of staples and potable water for the end times. Because obviously there may be (under Trump) days when the banks simply won't be open or working not even the ATMs. So, I think people often are going to keep 1000 dollars or more at home for these times, depending upon the needs of those people or families.

For example, during the 1930s no one trusted the banks and my grandfather buried about $25,000 in a coffee can in his front yard one night. However, when he tried to dig it up he never found it. His oldest son then bought a house for himself and his new wife which is where my Dad thought the money went. But, the old man was upset he couldn't find his $25,000 dollars he buried in the front yard.

However, my uncle did have a new house that stayed in his family until a few years ago when his daughter sold it and moved somewhere else. This house was bought during the Great Depression and stayed in that family until likely 2010 or something like that.

So, what I'm saying here is Kalashnikovs and AR-15 assault rifles and rocket launchers and hand grenades for rocket launchers likely are  now selling like hotcakes all around the world now that Trump is scaring the LIVING SHIT! out of the whole world.

So, this likely will cause a lot of accidental deaths in people not trained to be around weapons of any kind from childhood. So, just expect a lot of people to die from their own stupidity around weapons and explosives from now on, or in Nuclear Silos caving in on them because whatever they built wasn't safe or there wasn't enough air to breathe once they moved in there.

However, this isn't my style. IN the early 1980s I believed in burying food staples in 50 gallon drums underground so there would be food to eat when there was 10% unemployment in the U.S.

However, I've outground all that now and know God will show me when I need to be somewhere else to survive whatever comes.

No particular location might be safe so going where bad stuff isn't happening because you sense it coming is a better way to deal with all this. Bunkers are stationary and if a nuke or battle hits you there is nothing to do but fight or run away to somewhere else in the end.

So, I prefer to know where not to be

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