Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Knowing things before they happened as a child

I can remember being 9 to 12 years of age and walking by someone who was going to die within 24 to 48 hours and basically just after walking past this person sort of fainting on someone's lawn from passing by their aura of death coming. People sometimes sense their own deaths or they are sort of oblivious to this. However, if I walked by someone close to death I experienced their coming death as this is how God Built me. Until I was about 30 sometimes I considered this to be a curse at times. But other times it was a blessing when I could save my own life or others lives. However, by age 30 I had been fully trained by God and at this point it became only a blessing. So, even when I get sick before some earthquakes I know it is just God wanting me to know what is coming. However, sometimes I don't know where it is going to occur on earth and that can still be difficult like the month before the 2004 Tsunami where I didn't know if it was my family that was going to die or it was going to hit somewhere else. All I knew for sure is it was coming soon. Then we watched 250,000 people die on CNN and at least I knew my family and friends would be safe so I was grateful to God that we didn't die then. So, it is always a blessing even if I don't completely know where something is going to hit. I usually get an idea of how many are going to die even if I don't know where something is going to hit on earth.

So, that is why I can say to you with certainty millions around the world will die from what Trump does directly and indirectly. Many have already died but it hasn't and likely won't be tabulated the deaths he has already caused worldwide except for the U.S. soldier in Yemen.

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