Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Technological Singularity Presidency of Trump

It occurred to me today that this is what we are witnessing. The Executive Orders are dizzying, the Instragrams of Ivanka's family and her brothers family are full of kid pictures and Trump signing things. Everything has changed and now is going to change faster and faster because this is Trump's style already as a businessman to get things done quickly without anyone figuring out what he is really doing.

So, we are witnessing someone with the creative capacities of a Steve Jobs in the business and tech world now as president of the United States. So, even though he is likely the very last Baby Boomer President now (Sorry Hillary) unless Biden gets in 4 or 8 years from now.

So, we are witnessing so much change that even Americans and Europeans cannot possibly cope with it in any useful way, leaving everyone, both supporters of Trump and non-supporters of Trump confused and dizzied and not even able to digest 5% or 10% of what he is actually doing.

And this likely will speed up 10 to1000 times from what he is already doing now because as he gets better at developing his style he is going to upset many hundreds of times the people worldwide that he already has. And he doesn't really care because he only answers to his supporters and his family.

Damn the Torpedoes! Full Speed Ahead!

So, is this a good thing or a bad thing?

IT can only be both not either the way this is being done.

However, regarding some things we will look back a century from now and lament the loss of innocence the world is presently going through (if mankind has survived what has now started already.)

Will millions still die here in the U.S. and around the world from Trump's decisions?

OF course. It's pretty inevitable now when not enough thought has been given to ANY of these decisions and their affects worldwide upon the masses.

America 1st might only mean: "Any poor people not living in America might be dead soon worldwide from starvation".

Because just expect whatever it is to cost at least 20% more than it presently does because of Tariffs.

And this would include all items like food, clothing, household items, cars etc.

Because if you tariff cheap goods coming in to America from any nation that just means you are buying American ones that also now cost almost 20% more than those ones did a week or so ago too. This is just good business practices for more businesses now here and around the world.

And people will die and people will starve. The ONLY debate will be "How Many?"

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