Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Trump's executive order and Tweeting style could have a somewhat tyrannical effect on the world

By reducing everything to tweets and executive orders Trump is bypassing the Congress for the most part so far. This is what he is used to as a business man, making quick decisions once enough facts are accumulated.

But, for a democracy as big as ours and our influence all over the world this likely is going to have a mostly tyranical effect not only on States and Cities but also in Cities and Countries far beyond our borders.

So, some of his  ideas are good but I don't remember any president so quick to use executive orders this way.

One way to view this is he is the first of his kind which may or may not destroy our democracy. Or you might say he is revamping or rebuilding our democracy.

One thing for sure though, no Republican president was so into rebuilding our infrastructure as Donald Trump is.

So, likely that is where his money is going to go now, into infrastructure rather than into the military all over the world. It's hard to say really because whatever he does is going to be very expensive and likely is going to put the country much deeper into debt than it has ever been before.

However, Trump often says, "Debt is my best friend."

However, I'm not sure the American people agree with Trump about this.

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