Sunday, January 29, 2017

One way to better understand how a Technological Singularity is possible is studying Purple Delta 7

I have written a lot about Purple Delta 7. She first shows up with the Star plasma Sargent in
Silver is born in I believe 2000 AD and so is 35 in 2035.

As you can see if you study Silver's relationship with her she kind of regularly blows his mind as she  self evolves. Even he at times is worried she could eventually be a threat to the human race. However, she keeps on demonstrating to him that if necessary she would save the human race by traveling time to save the human race  if necessary which is why he lets her continue to evolve.

All these writings help one to better understand one or more of the ways that the Technological Singularity is manifesting right now. I'm not sure when it will peak (likely 2050 to 2100) However, it is presently debatable whether the human race can or will survive the full technological singularity when it peaks or even on it's way to there.

The question is: "What happens when mankind build computers or robotics or both that are faster and smarter than any one or all human beings put together?"

This is where we are presently in human evolution.

So, whether mankind survives this or not is presently debatable.

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