Monday, July 24, 2017

Are the Creators actually Stars and Suns?

This could be one explanation for Stars and Suns. If you think of a Creator being a being that literally "Eats" energy, to think of a sun or star as each being a Creator being is one explanation of where creators live. So, if you are thinking about a family of creators, thinking about how each star in the sky is related somehow as "relatives" and lives by burning Hydrogen into helium and other heavier elements that often eventually turn into planets. This could be one explanation of beings that live as long as creators do into the millions or billions of years.

If you could imagine a creator feeding at the core of a sun or star and then surrounding the self with another sun or star as that star begins to fade out, it makes more sense at why Creators create Galaxies to feed on energy as it coverts between hydrogen and the other elements but also how they feed on energy as it converts from matter to anti-matter and back again like in the center of each Galaxy held together by the gravity of a Black hole.

Because Creators to us in their natural form contain neither time nor space because they originate in Unknown or sometimes called "Dark matter" which basically also "means" unknown matter.

The reason it is unknown is that it contains neither time nor space because it doesn't exist in a matter universe like we do. Only matter contains Time and Space, anti-matter does not contain time and space (at least as we presently know it to be). And likewise, time and space is not a useful descriptor for Unknown matter sometimes called Dark matter which is what 96% of the known universe is composed of.

Only 4% of the known universe is composed of the type of matter we see in Galaxies.

So, my thought is that a Galaxy is about as rare in the universe as a waterfall on a river or crashing waves on the oceans. So, that matter itself is the anomaly and not the norm.

Seeing that matter is the anomaly along with time and space being an anomaly is what will lead scientists into discovering Unknown matter in the first place.

If we keep thinking time and space is normal we will never find Unknown matter because it doesn't share ANY  properties with matter at all.

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