Monday, July 24, 2017

Hydrogen Fusion creates Helium and other heaviers elements

During a Hydrogen fusion reaction like in a hydrogen bomb or in the Sun or other stars what you are actually witnessing in a star is ongoing hydrogen fusion where hydrogen turns into helium and other heavier elements. I was thinking about this more and wondering why helium doesn't escape from the sun once it turns from Hydrogen to helium??

However, I realized the gravity of the sun's mass is thousands of times more powerful than here on earth where helium rises quickly to the upper atmosphere being (next to hydrogen) the lightest of the elements. So, I guess what we are witnessing in the sun actually is a whole table of elements being born starting with hydrogen fusion. In the long run what Suns and stars are creating is "Planets" through creating heavier elements through the basic hydrogen fusion.

Since the sun's (and  all other stars) are all doing somewhat the same thing they all are in the end creating the stuff that planets are made of in the end. So, when you look at planets around our sun maybe the important thing to think about would be:

"Did these planets come from the fusion reaction within our sun or the fusion reaction within other suns or stars elsewhere?"

The answer is usually "Both!"

So, the product and light of stars is actually an ongoing fusion reaction which is creating heavier elements while giving off light and radiation  and energy etc. through the fusion process found in all stars in all galaxies in the universe.

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