Saturday, July 15, 2017

Fiat Eye based upon the gyroscopic stability of a Segway?

The logic of it makes sense you have only two tracks instead of 4 wheels. Parking is easy because of the design. This design would allow for 360 degree rotation in place like a bulldozer can also do with it's two tracks (or a tank). My worry is "what if something bigger hit you?". However, if most cars were constructed this way you might all be equal in size except for trucks and semis.

begin partial quote from:

10. Fiat EYE

Looking more like a futuristic pod than a car, the Fiat EYE definitely catches the human eye and holds people’s gaze. The concept for this car was actually inspired by the Segway scooter. And the designers at Fiat describe this vehicle as being “gyroscopically-balanced” meaning that it can maintain its balance while the weight shifts between the two wheels. While this vehicle may not look practical, its design is quite sophisticated. In fact, the Fiat EYE was designed so that its owners can control the car’s functions using their voice. Sophisticated voice recognition technology would enable people to open the doors, start the engine, turn on the headlights and even park the car using only their voice. Think of it as Siri on steroids. Via

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