Sunday, July 16, 2017

Using one's cell phone as a wifi hotspot when no wifi is available

note: If you have unlimited Data this might be a good idea. However, if you don't you might want to watch carefully how fast your smartphone is burning Cellular Data. end note

This is an option as long as you recognize the above limitation in how much are you paying for cellular data. In my case in the last year we were able to get an unlimited data plan. So, this morning when my daughter found she couldn't make her new wifi work because the company doing it wouldn't do this at midnight because no one was available as a tech to talk to when I woke up this morning I decided I didn't want to use the password and make it wifi so I took the cable into the phone from my computer so I wouldn't have to use a password because it is connected directly to my computer by USB. However, the limitation is doing it this way "NO ONE ELSE CAN USE YOUR HOTSPOT BUT YOU." So, as long as you realize this then this is fine. So, while you are traveling for example, even in your car if someone else is driving, if you have a smartphone with unlimited data (or watch like a hawk how fast you are burning Cellular data) you can have wifi type of access through your phone.

But, remember, if your phone or computer don't have a way to be charged (or your ipad like device), then whenever one of them runs out of a charge (the battery goes dead) that is the end of that. I suppose it would even be possible in some locations where you got a solar charger and had cellular data where you could even be camping while using your computer or Ipad online through your smartphone. Of course, it would depend upon where you were and if it was possible to do this.

If you have an IPhone in Settings it looks like this:

airplane mode
cellular    (this means cellular data which you have to have on and working to make this work)
personal hotspot  (this is what you have to turn on but remember to turn off when you are not using it)

For example, right now I'm doing this in Portland, Oregon without having wifi where I am separate from my Iphone.

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