Tuesday, July 4, 2017

I did the 2 mile walk of the Walk Run in Mt. Shasta for the 4th

My older daughter and I decided to actually wear our T-Shirts we got with the numbers pinned on the back for the walk run this morning. I got up early at 8 am realizing I could walk to the starting line possibly by 8:30 pm. So, at the last moment my daughter decided to go too so we didn't quite make the start but this was an advantage anyway because there were just so many walkers (with the longer joggers (runners out in front) front that we wound up being on the cutting edge of walkers for the 2 mile walk. The longer runners ran 5 miles I believe today which was a much extended track. The 2 mile walk went almost to the cemetary over the freeway (Interstate 5) with a 4 balloon helium (likely 100 to 500 helium balloons as an arch over the freeway overpass we walked over. Truckers often honked at the 10,000 or more people doing this at 8:30 today. There were many prizes like Mountain bikes using the runners numbers as well as a 22,000 dollar subaru 2017 also was given away to a lady in San Ramon I believe. The locals were a little upset that the car was not only going out of the city but also out of the area all the way to the coast in San Ramon near San Francisco I believe. I know there was at least one runner from Australia too that would have won the Mountain Bike because they drew her name but you had to be there when it was announced in order to win anything so they drew someone else's name after that.

So, after that was the parade but after waiting for all the runner winners to be called in every class imaginable and then listening to everything people were winning it was too hot to wait for the parade.

So, I wound up going to a friends house with one of my daughters as they had a friend visiting from Japan who has lived there for about 30 years so far. He is an American from Oregon who went to the University in Eugene.

Educated people here in the U.S. often are world travelers that I know in my life at this point.

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