Tuesday, July 18, 2017

I tend to see Putin and Trump as white Christian Fascists trying to extinct all Muslims starting with terrorists of all kinds

Neither Putin nor Trump actually believe in democracy at all. They believe in a form of STate Capitalism like you see in China and Russia which is run in a way like the Mafia, where the government always gets a piece of the pie of every corporation or business that is bigger than a small business. So, I see Trump and Putin as STate Capitalists, but neither believe in democracy but both believe in two things:

1. getting rich
2. eliminating Muslims especially terrorists anyway possible.

Putin is more interested in eliminating Sunnis

Trump is more interested in eliminating all Terrorists, Sunni or Shia.

This is the main difference between them.

But, they both believe in STate run Capitalism not democracy if you watch everything they do.

So, right now Trump is slowly destroying our voting system through voter suppression in an organized fashion. Right now!

Actions speak louder than words!

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