Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Republicans likely will be better off not destroying Obamacare anymore than trump already did with an executive order


Because, for sure they would have been voted out of office as relatives of poorer Republicans and Democrats died when they lost their insurance. Now, it becomes a different sort of lie that Republicans might be able to get away with that Obamacare collapsed on it's own. But, this is also a lie because of the executive order negating all legal teeth within Obamacare within his first few weeks in office. So, in reality it didn't die on it's own any more than someone pushed off a cliff committed suicide.

So, the lie changes but because most people aren't aware of this, Trump and the Republicans might get away with this lie in some way, shape or form.

It just depends upon how astute the voters are.

However, Trump is busy right now with voter suppression experts so it's possible that no one who is not lily white is going to have their votes counted nationwide anyway. So, if you are any color but white, Good Luck in the next election getting your votes counted. If Putin has anything to do with it only White Votes are going to count!

Because he is a white racist too interested in extincting Muslims also like Trump.

IF you don't understand this, why not?

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