Sunday, July 2, 2017

There are those who like driving and those who don't

And for people that don't want to drive or learn to drive and aren't interested in learning about how the technology works you are going to see a whole lot of really naive people dying the next 50 to 100 years while the kinks are worked out of Self Driving Cars.

For example, possibly within the next 10 or 20 years I might not want to be driving myself around much anymore, so buying a self driving car could be useful to me as long as I want to go anywhere in Canada, the U.S., Europe or anywhere else depending upon what the rules are regarding all this in every country I might travel to. But then again I'm 69 so this is only logical.

But, I could see people who are affluent enough to hire a self driving car to drive them almost anywhere likely will continue to do this and this likely will be one way people live longer and longer by being exposed to new things and new places and new ideas which will keep their minds going longer and longer and working okay.

HOWEVER, if you actually understand how the technology works there are so many unworked out technological and sociological problems that haven't been faced let alone how this will affect human culture and jobs (regarding people who now drive for a living) worldwide (which is what most men do on earth as a job more than any single thing), In other words they drive a car or truck in some way and get paid for it as their primary source of income.

So, this is going to be both a sociological and economic as well as technological revolution that will slowly spread worldwide during this century.

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