Saturday, July 1, 2017

Trump's: "Succeed at ANY cost to his personal reputation"

Rachel Maddow was speaking about this last night. If you have studied child psychology at all there is something called "The Adaptive child" within each of us. It is based upon this:

If a child can get good attention it does. But, if a child cannot get good attention that child will get attention literally in ANY WAY at all.

If we apply this to Donald Trump we see the full horror of this in action.

First of all, Donald Trump is not a gentleman in this because a gentleman has limits to this kind of offensive behavior. But, Donald Trump obviously has no limits to "Adaptive Child Behavior".

The extreme end of this behavior would be to kill one or more people in public to get attention. To the best of my present knowledge Trump hasn't done this YET.

However, he is excellent at Character Assassination (both his and other peoples by his non-gentlemanly behavior).

Rachel Maddow was making the point that what Trump is actually doing is destroying the Credibility of the Presidency itself to all Americans and Foreigners worldwide alike.

So, for Trump, Destroying the office of Presidency as a respectable thing for all time is not something he is concerned about because he "Makes his own rules" that apply only to him and he is perfectly wiling to throw himself and everyone else under the bus to get whatever he wants.

So, like the communist adage  "Any Means to an End!"  Trump appears to believe in this adage too.

In other words don't expect Trump to be patriotic to America when he can get "Paid off" or blackmailed by Putin which as you know he is going to have a meeting with next week.

Think about this for a moment. He is meeting with Putin the week of the 4th of July and the founding of our nation. IF you are patriotic and see the significance of this he is spitting in the eye of every patriotic American worldwide by doing this!

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