Monday, July 3, 2017

What I'm grateful for this 4th of July

Though I"m not grateful for Trump at all I am grateful that we still have a House of Representatives, A Senate, a Supreme Court and we have 50 Governors of 50 states and we have mayors of literally thousands of cities across the whole U.S.

I'm grateful for growing up here when it was safer to live here than now from about 1948 to around 1970 to 73 even though there was a lot of repressive behavior people experienced often if they weren't white during those times.

I'm grateful for a good education (even though it was except for my last year of high school) a public school education, Glendale then had the best public school education in Los Angeles County.

I'm grateful for good science teachers in grade school, Junio High and College so I could learn many amazing things that made me want to study more on my own at places like Wikipedia and to share here with you many of the things I'm still learning every single day.

I'm grateful that Unlike my father and grandfather I have not had to shoot at anyone in my entire life to defend either my own life, my family or my country. I'm really grateful I didn't have to live with killing people even by accident and having to live with that the rest of my life.

I'm grateful for those who chose to be soldiers or who were drafted my age and those who died as well as all those "Walking Wounded" that might still be alive walking our streets all these years later since Viet Nam. I"m also grateful for all those soldiers who sacrificed their lives before during and after Viet Nam until today as well.

I'm Very Grateful for my life here in the U.S. as I have had the privilege now of living in California, New Mexico and Hawaii during my lifetime and living almost everywhere along the coast of California from San Diego to San Francisco during my lifetime and also in the deserts of southern California during my youth up to my mid 20s often with my parents until I was married and on my own with my own wife and children along the way.

America has been very very good to me, it kept me healthy and educated me and allowed me to start businesses along the way and was very helpful to me and to my family and to my children all along the way.

So, Thank you America! for being the amazing country you have always been!

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