Friday, July 14, 2017

"What you put your attention upon you become"

My parents taught me this adage as a child. However, I had to prove it for myself as I grew up to really understand the full power of this.

So, in the end what your consciousness does your physical life does too. People who understand this fully often have good lives. People who don't often are not happy in their lives.

We are all sort of like engineers and architects of our own lives. And what we choose to think about takes us where our lives actually go.

If our lives are consumed with revenge and hate. we are moving towards and early death.

If our lives are consumed with jealousy of others this is one of the surest paths to failure in life.

However, if our lives are about what we love in life and how we can pursue these dreams, then we might have a chance to actually live our dreams to the point where we actually CHOOSE to survive past 30 on into old age.

Every moment of life we are either choosing life or death. There is no moment where this is not true.

So, if you want to be alive for your children and grandchildren CHOOSE LIFE and then teach them to CHOOSE LIFE too!

By God's Grace

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