Friday, July 14, 2017

What it is to BE a Dragon

I have had now since 1983 to  think more about this. 1983 was when I did a vision quest in the Blackfoot-Sioux tradition with a medicine man I and my wife and family and several friends were studying with at the time. First of all, there are no drugs of any kind associated with a vision quest like this. So, in this sense it is completely "natural".

All you do is to pray in the wilderness for visions for your future (guidance from God) without eating or drinking ANYTHING for 96 hours straight.

For many of you this would be too terrifying to contemplate to actually do. But for someone like me who grew up loving and feeling at home to the point where the wilderness became my church, this was wonderful.

The first 2 days my mind screamed at me, "What are you doing?"  "You are going to die not drinking water or anything else or not eating anything at all!" But, I persevered and by the 2nd night I started to have visions that were as real to me as anything else might be in life.

I found the vision at the time mostly terrifying in the extreme. I became literally a 50 to 100 tall Golden Dragon that breathed fire out onto everyone. But, the people didn't burn up like I thought they would. Instead they smiled and became enlightened instead.

What I find interesting about all this is 3 years before I wrote about Arcane and the Dragons of Compassion. But at that time I didn't realize I was writing about a past lifetime about 1 million years into the future. At the time I thought I was writing therapeutic science fiction that mirrored in some ways the suffering of my own life in this lifetime.

But, over time I had the realization that this wasn't made up or fictional at all this was real because of the way a soul can incarnate in the past, present and future all at once into literally millions of incarnations since a soul has nothing at all to do with time or space. Time or space only has meaning while living in a human or other body somewhere in the universe.

So, actually realizing that I was and am a dragon went way beyond any sense of politeness that I had ever been taught in this lifetime. What I realized is that I have been developing as a soul in the past, present and future and that I have a lot to share beyond whatever I have learned in this lifetime.

A Dragon is very Primal in a way I cannot really describe for you. A Dragon is complete Crazy Wisdom I realized. Crazy Wisdom is the "Wisdom beyond Logic".

A Dragon instinctively knows the right thing to do in often very powerful and unexpected ways.

A Dragon often protects human civilizations from extinction in various different ways.

A Dragon doesn't think like a human being at all in this sense because a Dragon has a more immortal way of thinking about everything.

And many of us are dragons and just waking up now to who we really are.

By God's Grace

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