Friday, February 23, 2018

Another Milestone for this blog: 2.100,714 visits to this site so far

I'm thinking every 100,000 views to this site I will try to blog about it. This seems a useful thing to do.

If you are just starting a blog just remember your site isn't just about you, it is about what people actually want to read. So, by giving people what they want (if that is useful and entertaining for you too) you increase your readership worldwide in your blog.

When I first started my 1st blog in 1999 when I had recovered from a heart virus that I thought I likely would die from between fall 1998 and May 1999 I was very surprised that my doctor said in May 1999, "Well. We finally figured out what was wrong with you. You are very lucky because most people die from their heart viruses before it becomes diagnosed through the process of elimination. You now likely could live a normal lifespan if you take good care of yourself.

My wife had insisted I retire because of course if I had not I would be dead now. But, then in Stanford Medical (near Stanford University) in Palo Alto I believe I was waiting along with about 60 other people on guerneys who didn't know if they were going to survive that day because of open heart surgeries etc. I was lucky in that I ONLY had to have a robotic snake put up my femoral artery in my leg to my heart and had to watch this happen on television while about 20 people scurried around me taking care of me at STanford Medical. Then the foremost expert doctor in Electrical heart stimulation knocked me out so he could electrically test my heart. This was the scariest part for me because I asked the nurse not to give me anymore medication but I was strapped to a table and she said:"We have to give you even more because we can't have your body jumping off the guerney from the shocks to your heart from electrical heart stimulation. So, I unhappy was given even more medication than I could put up with then.

Then the doctor came out of the operation and said to my wife and then 24 year old son, "I couldn't do anything for him". Bad choice of words because what he meant was there wasn't any way to repair my heart from what was going on (they didn't know what it was until 6 to 8 months later. But at the time my wife started to faint from him saying this so my son caught her so she didn't hurt herself.

So, my first blog I started in 1999 one month after I recovered from my heart virus after being forced to retire (or die) the previous fall.

They didn't even call it blogging then and it was at Geocities that Yahoo eventually bought and was a free site like this one. Now I have 3 blogs intuitivefred888, and The Spiritual Path at like this one and another one I pay for through Yahoo business called which contains my longer writings since about 1980. Some of the writing there were originally published online at intuitivefred888 also.

So, as time goes on as a blogger you find more interesting things to share worldwide with your readers and time moves on. I figure this blog will eventually go to 3 million then 4 then 5 million views and then so on worldwide.

Just remember as a blogger that what you are interested in often will interest your readers too. So, share a wide enough variety of things so your audience is diverse worldwide.

Different countries have slightly different interests as well around the world.

Have a Great Day! and Good Luck with your Blogs if you are a Blogger like me!

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