Saturday, February 24, 2018

Why I don't subscribe to almost anything online

For me, it is understanding the nature of the Internet itself. It is understanding that I do NOT want to just be another piece of information (who I am, where I live, what demographic I live in, or how much money I might make) which can be figured out approximately from where I live.

So, not subscribing to anything pretty much online is to keep as low a profile as possible because that is safer than the alternative. How many lists are you and I on already because our banks, our magazines we subscribe to, any list we are on from anyone or anything. How far wide worldwide does our information footprint go already and how useful is that to us? Not at all really.

So, for me, not subscribing or putting thousands of APPS on my phone or even updating my phone's software is how I keep a lower profile than most of you. It's also why I don't go on Facebook either because they sell your information which is I believe their primary source of income there beyond the advertisements you see there tied to the last click you made on anything interesting you read recently online.

But then you might say: "But you are a blogger which raises your profile!"

Yes. But as a blogger I might help the human race not to go extinct any time soon too. So that raising of my profile is conscious and something I'm doing to help keep mankind from going extinct hopefully for the next 1 million years or more here on earth. After all, well over 2 million people have visited my blog so far.

By God's Grace

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