Wednesday, February 28, 2018

There is both a physical symbiosis and a spiritual symbiosis between humans and trees

I'm still learning because I'm not physically a tree. So, all this is learned by me as a human. Only as a tree would you actually ever know everything about this. But, I do know some things.

For example, in science as a child I learned that trees breathe out oxygen and breathe in Carbon Dioxide.

Humans breathe in Oxygen and breathe out Carbon dioxide. This creates a physical symbiosis in regard to the fact that they need what we breathe out and we need what they breathe out in order for both of us to stay alive.

But, the symbiosis of trees and humans goes much deeper than this. For example, around 1846 to 1849 there was a dead or dying native American dying from plague leaning against every oak tree in Northern California. They were taught that Trees will comfort a person when they die. Also, human remains fertilize trees all over the world too when they die or are laid at the base or buried near the base of trees all over the world either whole or as ashes.

I have gone to forests for solace when I was in emotional or spiritual pain my whole life. The forests and mountains are where I go to be with God physically and spiritually when I can.

Yesterday, the forest near my home told me something I couldn't really believe. However, somehow when I watched "Every Day" (2018) I realized the forest was telling me the truth later that day.

IT is something I wouldn't have believed before now.

For example, I already knew that Tree Spirits have some of the same attributes as angels. Trees are "Soul Travelers" also like angels. There bodies are still so their souls can travel literally anywhere to any time because they can always come back to their bodies, (their tree forms) whenever they want to.

Also, tree spirits most of the time are good spirits but some don't like people because people sometimes are mean to them. And some trees know that we build homes out of their ancestors and relatives. So, some trees really don't like people because of this. But, some older trees are wise and can tell the difference between  people who kill trees and harvest them and people who don't do that.

So, when I walk through the forests often they call me "Tree man". I often wondered why they call me this. I realized fully yesterday. Because yesterday they told me some tree spirits are angels who visit people all the time on earth.

This is what I was having trouble believing. However, since I already knew Tree spirits could visit any time that they want to Past, present and future because this is an aspect of their almost constantly soul traveling, when they told me some tree spirits are literally angels this was a bit much for me to understand.

However, now I realize this is true. You would obviously have to be careful which tree spirits you would entertain as angels because some tree spirits hate people because we harvest their ancestors. But, likely it is true that some tree spirits are literally angels that travel time to help other trees and humans in various ways.

This is my present understanding:

By God's Grace

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