Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Rats are leaving a sinking Ship?

When you look at the White House you realize no one knows more about anything in the White House than Hope Hicks and her assistant (both who just quit) so you get the feeling that everything is beginning to unravel. Then you see Kushner and his wife losing their security clearances because of mixing business and governmental dealings ongoing. So, is Hope Hicks going to jail or turning states evidence like Gates and others?

This is hard to say but someone who tells the Congress she is telling  "White Lies" to or from the President is skating on pretty thin ice right now as far as Congress and Mueller are concerned and the Department of Justice. Let's hope she quit the sinking ship soon enough to save herself and her future.

We all know Trump's not going to jail because the presidency needs to be protected. However, Trump is going to be pretty sad if his daughter and her husband and Hope Hicks wind up in Jail for any length of time. Besides Kushner's Dad is already in jail for other things.

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