Friday, February 23, 2018

I've decided for now to be intuitive about what articles I fully quote and which ones I only give a word button for

This way the most people worldwide will be served by my blogging. For example, there are some articles that NO ONE outside of the U.S. or Europe is EVER going to hear about. These are the ones often people need to see fully quoted because they cannot get this version of the news EVER where they live other ways.

Then there are other things that I want to go to all countries worldwide that I will ONLY give the word button for along with my own commentary.

IF I'm intuitive about this is serves more people worldwide in a good way. This is what I presently think.

If you wonder what I'm talking about it has to do with HTTPS. IN Europe and the U.S. HTTPS is many different places. A fully quoted news article likely cannot usually get through an HTTPS filter.

But, many places outside of Western Europe don't ever use HTTPS at all but also they don't get western news at all either. So, articles that I think are important I might fully quote so they can read them since they cannot get them anywhere else unless one of us bloggers in the west fully quotes something for them so they can read it.

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