Sunday, February 25, 2018

Could the great Orwell’s imagination have failed? Could Big Brother save humanity, rather than enslave it? Or might both scenarios be true at the same time?

At present both scenarios are true at the same time. One by one people are categorizing themselves worldwide as victims or abusers every day through this data. For example, I won't use Facebook (except once or twice a year) when there might be no way to reach someone otherwise because they regularly sell your information to 3rd parties without telling you about it. Not knowing this is happening regarding Facebook is really sad for most people around the world.

Why do I know about this sort of thing?

I make it my business to know this as a way of protecting myself and my family. But, will my daughter's listen to me? Nope.

However, my son who also knows a lot about tech too agrees with me. My daughters take the attitude of "What Privacy?"

This isn't how I look at it. I look at it from someone who grew up in the 1950s where for thousands of years we had privacy.

Why don't we now?

This is my question.

No one asked the world before they raped us all of our privacy! They just raped the world!

Who gave ANYONE permission to do this?


Being raped of your privacy is no different than being sexually raped over and over again by whoever is doing it! Even though it might be millions or billions of people. There is no difference!

The whole world now acts like it has Stockholm Syndrome from all this like Patty Hearst when they locked her in a dark closet for 56 days and raped her and brainwashed her. In the end she was a survivor and joined them so they didn't kill her. She even took lovers among the Symbionese Liberation army because she was a survivor.

There is no difference now of the whole world in regard to loss of privacy. The whole world now has Stockholm syndrome in relation to their privacy. This is real.

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