Friday, February 23, 2018

People aren't robots

Who can just do whatever they are told to do.

For example, out of the blue while the Florida Guard was guarding the school and armed likely making around 10 or 11 dollars an hour for this: he heard shooting inside the school. Now, what would go through my mind would be: "Is 10 or 11 dollars an hour enough to get shot for and to go see all the blood and mayhem in there now?"

IF you are a realistic person and not a natural hero (who often don't survive being heroes by the way) this is what you would think.

"Will my wife survive if I'm shot?"
"Will my kids survive if I'm shot?"
"Will I survive if I'm shot?"


"Will I ever work again or see my kids again?"

Most policemen and women might not think like this.

But, then again they have all had "for the most part"
Military training, especially SWAT teams.

But, this guy likely was just a guard with a gun never expecting to use it except maybe to arrest a kid for bringing drugs into school or separating two or more fighting kids or something like this.

For this particular guard this was above his pay grade in his mind.

You might be in the same place one day so think about this before you choose the jobs you take.

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