Monday, February 26, 2018

Most people have never shot a gun before: That's the first thing wrong with this Florida Shooting reporting

Here are some of the problems with what I'm hearing regarding Officer Scott Peterson who didn't shoot at the shooter.

First, someone notified him that it was fireworks going off. If firecrackers are illegal where you live you might never have heard what a "string" of fireworks sounds like. And an automatic rifle might sound like this exactly, especially if it is fired inside a building or around buildings.

The ONLY way you are going to be able to distinguish sounds from fireworks is if it is out in the open like a field where you have both sound and line of sight between you and the discharge.

For example, a pistol, especially above a .38 to a 45 or a 9 mm pistol is very very loud because of the shorter barrel. The longer the barrel the quieter (generally speaking) a shot is to one's ears.

So, a rifle on automatic or "bump stock" of this caliber (which is not much bigger around than a .22 shell but is a much longer round, isn't very loud compared to other larger bore rifles and not as loud at all as a pistol, especially if it is above a .38 in gauge.

So, if I heard an automatic or bump stock AR-15 going off inside a building, I might think it was fireworks going off further away because the sounds would be modified by being inside a building and then richocheting through other buildings because the officer was outside.

So, his explanation makes perfect sense especially if he was notified by someone it was fireworks and not gunfire.

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