Sunday, February 25, 2018

How I got from Mystical Christianity to the Medicine path to Tibetan Buddhism in the 1960s through the 1980s

I can remember as a 2 year old my parents saying something like "God is where you find him" and my Grandmother saying, "Let Go and Let God". These two statements make sense of why people are mystical Christians because it is a constant 24 hour a day experience of God coming into your life always. It is not theoretical at all, God is a 24 hour a day experience. So, you are ALWAYS watching God coming into your life and changing it all the time.

So, in the late 1960s when people said things like "IF an Ant is your Guru, Feed Him!" this made perfect sense to me because of my training from two mystical Christian parents and my Scottish Grandmother who lived with us.

Soul Travel like the angels was another part of my experience ongoing from age 2 when they healed me of whooping cough in understanding my path with God. Some people say their path to God but my experience wasn't to God because God was always there all my life. It's just that from 10 to 15 I thought God was kind of trying to kill me with Blunt Trauma Childhood Epilepsy so I was sort of afraid of God during this time. But, after God came into my body and stayed and lived with me in my body at age 15 I just found it completely overwhelming until I was 30 because of the unlimited Supernatural activity God worked through me and around me sometimes for miles in all directions. So, it took me until I was 30 to get used to this and to get used to just how powerful God worked through me always.

Then I married a lady with two children while I was raising my son from my first marriage and she was teaching me about non-dualistic thought which was new to me.

So, both the Medicine path and Tibetan Buddhism are non-dualistic paths by the way.

IF you think of dualism as spanking your child so it doesn't run out and get hit by a car ever, so the parent spanks them so hard they are terrified of running into traffic ever again.

And then you think of Non-dualism as the weather. And how can rain or snow or wind be either good or bad ultimately?

That's right they can't because everyone is going to have a different experience with Snow, Rain or Wind. That's why they are non-dualistic. They can be both good and bad at the same time for different people.

So, from a non-dualistic point of view "May the Force Be With You!" is a perfect example of Non-dualism.

In other words you are not qualifying the force as either good or bad because it could be either.

So then "Force" could also be synonymous with "Power". You could as easily say, "May the Power be with you!" also.

So, power (as in electric power) is electric power good or bad?

It is always both. I have a friend who was electrocuted and then my best friend was almost electrocuted when he grabbed a 1000 volt line and it threw him about 10 to 20 feet. And when it threw him 10 or 20 feet it moved him away from the power line and so he lived.

So, then you could also say, "May the Force or Power be with you as long as it doesn't kill you".

So, my journey to non-dualism came through being trained in Christian dualism and then realizing dualism is a childish philosophy. So, if you are advanced you move on to non-dualism like Jesus and Buddha and the Greatest of Teachers actually did.

But, here's the one that threw me for a loop until I finally got it!

"There's nothing good or bad but thinking makes is so"

This is a hard one to understand. Until you are a full adult making your own rules in your own life.

For example, if you own your own business you likely are going to get what this means.

But, if you work for someone else there is only a 50-50 chance you will understand what this means.

What it actually means is: "If you are a free adult and not a slave you make your own rules and they work for you and everyone else too."

By God's Grace

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