Saturday, February 24, 2018

The Patty Hearst Story

By accident my wife and I watched the 4th episode of The Patty Hearst Story. I was 26 in 1974 when a lot of this happened and my wife was 19 and in college then.  (We didn't meet until 1994). So, when we saw this we found ourselves sort of transfixed back in time by it and realized we had to watch it because we lived it everyday in the newspapers for several years this story. It was very big news.

Since then people understand the Stockholm Syndrome which is how people who have been kidnapped and terrified out of their minds often start sympathizing with their captors. It is a well recognized psychological phenomenon at this point. So, this is interesting too.

Things in reaction to The Viet nam War then often were extremes to the left. Now as we see with Trump and Nazis it is extremes to the right. And in a crazy sort of way, Putin and Trump are together more like Hitler than anything else in the way they function too. So, the cycles of craziness have come full circle from leftist socialist insanity to Rightest nazi White Supremacist insanity.

This is the way the world is over time. Watching this about Patty Hearst is a little like Nazis and Trump and Putin now.

What a strange dangerous world we live in!

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