Monday, February 26, 2018

Vaccines are a paradox

Vaccines best way to stop spread of epidemics, experts say
 For example, my parents didn't believe in vaccinations while I was growing up. The good news about this for me is I have what is called an 1800s immune system which is far far superior to people who have had vaccinations. But, I also must say I did get whooping cough because of this and almost died from it. However, I was saved by the angels so I have had angel experiences ever since I almost died of whooping cough at age 2.

The paradox of vaccines is that though they allow more people to be alive than before, they also suppress general immune systems by I would say at least 50% per person. So, in order to have more people live they live with a much less healthy immune system than those who did survive up until vaccinations were invented.

Example, My burst appendix absolutely could NOT be diagnosed in a good emergency room because I had NONE of the symptoms of people who have been vaccinated.

I had NO fever. I had no elevated white cell count. And I also found out that in the old days before appendixes were taken out people either survived burst appendixes or appendicitis's without an operation. And my best friends father was one of these who survived without an operation. So, it appears at least 50% of those people not vaccinated lived through burst appendixes or appendicitises without ANY operation.

So, it is possible I could have lived without an operation too. But, no one told me this because they didn't know this either. So, now I have a hernia caused by my burst appendix operation that I have to live with for the rest of my life.

VaccineVaccines best way to stop spread of epidemics, experts say

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