Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Advanced Soul Travel Part 2

Advanced Soul Travel

I woke up this morning feeling like I was transitioning into a new and higher awareness. I got it to share the following:

Advanced Soul Travel is actually experiencing all the time that since there is no time or space in actuality that you are everywhere. It took me about 15 years to reach this point. Luckily, at the time I was studying with Tibetan Lamas in India and Nepal so I could integrate this into my practical everyday life in India and then 4 months later when I returned with my family to the United States in California.

The important thing appears to be that even though you are aware that you are literally everywhere and everywhen that most of the time it is not important to talk about this to people because most of them couldn't handle it. So, it is sort of like this:

Even though your everyday experience is that you are literally everywhere and everywhen with God  you are polite to most other beings by not making them face this reality too until they are ready. So, even though this is your ongoing experience that you are with God and that all beings in the Universe are literally God's family and it even could be said that all things in the universe are God's family and that all thoughts and feelings in the universe are God's thoughts and feelings too. Even so, you don't burden those not ready for this truth. However, you experience all beings with love and compassion because even though they might not understand, you understand that they are your family because together we are all God's family and there is really no useful way to separate one from the other or one time or space from the other in any useful way. Others may find ways to separate everything into almost infinite systems of separation. But because you have traveled the universe as a soul and come to realize you are only traveling inside the mind of God like in some kind of very advanced Computer or video game, you know that only the being and mind of God is real and you are one with that Being and mind of God. So, there is no way to be separate from God. And all the beings you might miss that have passed away or that live far from you are not away from you in actuality. Because wherever they are you can be with them just by thinking about them in a compassionate way. So, you are never alone. You are always with friends even if they live away from you or have passed away. You don't need to talk to people like this because they might not understand. But you have experienced the truth and no one can ever take that away from you. So, out of politeness like one would treat children not ready for extreme truths, one protects those not ready for this and yet one answers questions of those beginning to understand who are ready.

So, after experiencing all this probably the most important thing if you want to stay alive as a human on earth is figuring out a way to deal with this and to still maintain your life here on earth, and your jobs and to take care of your families and friends.

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