Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Galactic Core?

Advanced Soul Travel

As I was rereading "Advanced Soul Travel" word button above, I thought to myself, "If I already met God who created me in the Orion Nebula why then did I Soul Travel  to the Galactic Core to try to find God within a year after that?"

Yes. I thought this was pretty funny too when I actually thought about it. The best answer I can give is that meeting God at age 21 was completely overwhelming and I died and wasn't myself anymore. In the Bible it says, "No man may see God and Live!" which is absolutely true because if you do see God you die and are never the same again because you can't be anything but an Emissary of God ever after. People say you are born again and maybe this is true but my experience was of coming back into my body and shaking for a long time and having my whole conception of reality permanently changed to the point where absolutely everything about me was different after that. My personality was the same but from a motivational level I had been completely altered into a whole new way of perceiving reality. I found I understood what was meant by any holy books I read from around the world. A lot of it hadn't made sense to me before but then I saw what they were trying to say, even though I found a lot of it kind of primitive and awkward which would be confusing to the average person. But this usually was because of translations and completely different cultures and concepts over thousands of years throughout all cultures. 

One good way to illustrate this would be people born since 1970 trying to tell me about the 1960s and early 1970s. The best they can do is to give me a caricature of the 1960s. They really don't have a clue about just how bad things were or strangely enough just how amazingly good they were at the same time. The 1960s and 1970s were a complete paradox just like now since the Century turned since 2000. And people in  20 to 30 years won't be able to make any real sense of these times either by 2030 that are being born now and after. The same is true of literally all spiritual books 1000 or more years old. Unless you lived then you might not fully get what is being said in fulness. But if you spoke with God like I did around age 21 it all would make complete sense because he came to those folks too in a variety of cultures. So, I could tell by what he said to me that he came to them too by what they said about him.

So, why did I go to the Galactic Core to find God? Maybe that is what he wanted and the best way to get me there was for me to think he was there so I would go through a whole lot of stuff to try and get there. Because for me in some ways it was like swimming the Pacific Ocean with all the preparation it took to make it happen since I was a little kid of 5 to 8 years old praying for God to teach me to soul travel so I could be with him. That is what I think tonight.

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