Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Fox P2 Human Gene

I was watching a DVR I made of the Ancient Aliens Program called "Aliens and the Creation of man" on the H2 HD network (I think H2 is History channel 2). One of the researches was saying how the human gene Fox P2 is not found in any other mammal or creature on earth except humans and that research has been done suggesting that this gene alone is responsible for language which nothing but humans have. But where did this one gene come from? If it didn't come from any other species or evolutionary process we presently understand then likely it came from Genetic engineering or some kind of other worldly aliens having something to do with the existence of humans on earth. Unless this gene jumped off an asteroid or comet there is no other way I can think of that it got here except for someone genetically engineering us.

I suppose this is one way to get to the place where someone says basically, "Well. This gene since it isn't in anything but humans can't have evolved here on earth because it wasn't one of the original building blocks of life on earth. So then, humans have either been modified by someone or something into being physically what they are."

However, for me, it is a much easier thing for me just to go back to a Probe sent to the Asteroid belt to scientifically understand what the Asteroid Belt was in the 1970s by the Soviet Union.  When they did this they found that the Asteroid Belt had originally been a planet that had been blown up by a thermonuclear bomb or bombs. For me, this is a much easier way to get to the same place. So, for me, I don't need to study evolution and the impossibility of humans evolving on earth to be what they are. I'm already there by understanding that someone (likely our ancestors) or those who genetically engineered us, blew up the Asteroid belt when it was a planet and very likely we are related somehow to some of the survivors of the planet that was blown up. This is an easier way to get to the same place.

Or, you can look at a gene that didn't evolve on earth, (the Fox P2 gene) and say, "Who did this thing that allows humans to have a speaking language that no other species has?" Either way you are left with the same thing which is, "At least a part of our genes aren't from earth." Or humans here on earth might have been alive and evolved like us for millions of years already. And then the question becomes, "Why weren't they able to maintain their civilizations?" We might be living proof of what happened to previous civilizations right now. For example, imagine previous human civilizations evolving to be something like us now. But then, either a pandemic or ice age happened and only 1% of the people or less survived. Then their technology and cultures faltered during the ice ages, pandemics happened and wiped almost everyone out and then 1% or less survived and those 1% or less took about 10 to 15 thousand years to get again to where we are right now. With Geomagnetic excursions every few thousand years and polar shifts during longer periods it is possible that all previous evolved civilizations were lost and each time some of us that survived were thrown by weather and ice ages back into being cave men and women to survive once again. This is what I believe has been happening for thousands and thousands of years already. So, this makes it imperative for humans to colonize other worlds before our civilization collapses once again because of Global Climate Changes, Polar Shifts, Geomagnetic excursions, pandemics, overpopulation etc. Because once any one of these things happens those that are left of us will likely be cavemen and cave women again if any of us survive.

So, take your pick. Which theory works for you? Or you can figure out a new theory. But at this point after studying everything I'm talking about I tend to think humans have been on earth since the dinosaurs died out which is 65 million years ago when the Asteroid planet was blown up and a piece of it hitting the earth killed all the dinosaurs. At that point I think any survivors of the Asteroid Belt planet and Mars came here to earth because once the dinosaurs were gone it was safer for them to come and try to live here. However, they might not have been well suited to living on earth and so bred slave children from their own DNA and apes. So, likely the colonist survivors from other worlds either died out or left and we have remained ever since. This is my thought at this point after a lifetime of research into the subject. However, if you have a better idea about all this please share it with the rest of us.

What if the REAL Garden of Eden was 65 million years ago and not 6 to 10,000 years ago as many Biblical Scholars might think? What if aliens sent an Asteroid to earth to make the largest dinosaurs extinct so they could create the Garden of Eden and us as Adam and Eve after the large dinosaurs all died and so there actually was a Garden of Eden caused by the Death of the large Dinosaurs ?

And even stranger still, what if we are here to entertain the aliens or for them to study us and that periodically they send an asteroid or something else to earth to thin us out back to a few million or even 100,000 or less periodically so they don't have to compete with us and so we don't permanently destroy the ecology of earth or nuke ourselves out of existence on a planet like they did with the Asteroid planet and in the process blow most of the atmosphere off of Mars like happened when the Asteroid planet was blown up (in a war between Mars and the Asteroid belt planet?)?

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