Monday, April 16, 2012

A Gathering of research on Solar Mass ejections and Geomagnetic excursions

Since I have done a little research through popular articles published various places on the subject I thought it might help people understand a little more about the relationship between Solar Mass ejections, cracks in our magnetosphere which cause Solar Mass Ejections between now and 2014 to have more harmful effects than during the last 11 year sunspot cycle, and various things I have learned about Geomagnetic Excursions, weather changes, the North pole melting out almost completely this last year and the slipping of the arctic air mass down into Siberia, Russia, Europe and North Africa during this last winter. Also, as this happened it completely changed the weather in North America too by sucking up warmer air from closer to the equator to fill in for the displaced air that moved over to Siberia, Russia, Europe and North Africa which killed at least 650 people and gave countless other people frostbite on fingers, noses and toes, some of which had to be amputated. So, I'll try to put together buttons that are related by subject, even though they all seem to be interrelated in that they all get together and change life on earth in various ways.

While I was writing the following it gave me the idea of how all these various subjects of Solar Mass ejections, Geomagnetic Excursions, Cracks in the magnetosphere, Global Climate changes, Weather changes, potential ice ages, melting northern hemisphere ice flows in the arctic, methane melting into the upper atmosphere out of the permafrost, the 55 mile per year and growing movement of the north pole or more every year towards Siberia etc. all are related and are changing all our lives in ways none of us truly understand including me. So, I thought that by joining what I have learned so far it might be helpful to other synthesists (people who are capable of joining together diverse research into a more meaningful whole) can continue in this direction until more humans have a better understanding of how all these interrelated changes together magnify all the thing we humans are dealing with like increased skin cancers and blindness from the sun in humans and animals worldwide caused by cracks in the magnetosphere combined with Solar mass ejections combined with CFC in the upper atmosphere combined with ozone turned to water vapor or free oxygen and away from ozone into 02 or H20 vapor which does not protect humans or animals from cosmic rays.
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I think that is enough for synthesists (synthesist: one who makes sense of multiple research disciplines by finding the ways in which they intersect) like myself to contemplate for awhile. All these events are related because they all directly or indirectly affect all of us here on earth. Either these events are causing us to be more susceptible to skin cancer or blindness, they are raising the price of oil that interferes with us growing food that we can afford to buy to eat (worldwide), they are freezing us to death or causing droughts or floods or tornadoes or hurricanes etc. All these things are interrelated and there needs to be more people studying the affects of all of these things as they collide in real time. It is easy to talk about the consequences of any one of these things. However, when you consider all these things affecting life on earth in all the myriad ways, only a computer program could realistically synthesize what we are actually dealing with when all of this is integrated into the same program and left to run to see where we might wind up in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, or 20 years. So, it is not just the oil problem where it will eventually price itself out of existence for most people on earth. It is the clean water problem, the "Can we feed our world without oil to power our farm tractors problem?" "Can we survive ourselves or does politeness and civilization go away at some point of inconvenience worldwide?" All these questions and the veneer of all civilizations on this planet need to be considered. Can the human race stay civilized through all they must endure this century and beyond?

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