Sunday, April 29, 2012

If Life Gives you Lemons

Make lemonade or Lemon Pie. That is the answer to what do you do if live gives you lemons. Many people have been freaking out in the U.S., Europe and around the world basically since 9-11. It just has gotten a lot more intense since about 2007. But rather than worry about what you can't do, instead maybe thinking about what you still can do is more useful. Yes. Life is not at all the way it was from about 1992 until about 2007. Homes have likely lost around 50% of their value in 2006 in most places around the country or worse. So, owning a home is more about "Where do you want to live?" than where do I put my money for an investment. And even though more people rent now than before most people have enough food and have shelter. But yes, for many people this is really scary because it hasn't been like this since about World War II. After that things got better. But I can remember all my older relatives preparing me for another Great Depression. They would say things like, "It won't happen in my lifetime but it is likely to happen in yours!" So, as I grew up during the 1950s someone older than me was always lamenting about how bad the Great Depression was and many would tell me how it ruined their lives or their childhoods or their teens. My parents born in 1916 and 1919 turned 20 in 1936 and 1939 so I suppose the Great Depression ruined their lives in some ways. But, my father whose father was very successful as an Electrical Contractor all during the Great Depression because his father hired all his sons as electricians so all of them always had money from the time they graduated High School which for my father was 1934. So, even though my father's family always had enough money and my mother's family didn't, he was the one who complained the most about how difficult the Great Depression was. His point of view was, "I always had to work my butt off from the time I was about 10 years old because my Dad was a slave driver." And from having met my Grandad I could see he might be a difficult and stern task master. But on the other hand working hard became something my father liked to do throughout his life and you could say the Great Depression and his father made him a "Workaholic" so he became someone not happy if he wasn't working all the time.
So, money never was a problem in my life growing up and my parents stayed together from two years before I was born until my Father passed away when I was 37.

I'm recounting all this to tell you that other generations have been through times like this and most of them survived it all and so will you.

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