Friday, April 20, 2012

An Intuitives Experience of Dark Matter

A Supersymmetric Universe?

I was reading the piece on Dark Matter in the above article that quotes from Wikipedia and realized I needed to write this.

First of all my experience of dark matter came through what some call soul traveling which is what Einstein did when he visualized himself riding a beam of light. After he experienced riding this beam of light through the universe he was able to get E=MC2 as a formula and do the  math to back it up. But first he experienced riding a beam of light. Now, to most people he might say, "I visualized myself riding a beam of light through the universe to come up with E=MC2." However, to an intuitive capable of soul travel like myself I know that he actually rode a real beam of light through the universe. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to come up with E=MC2 if he hadn't done it for real.

So, in the same sense of being able to soul travel but not necessarily being educated like Einstein you will get what I'm saying here in this context:

Once I went through a paradigm shift to be able to soul travel through bi-location (being multiple places in consciousness at the same time) without having a heart attack or dying from panic like many or most people would without some training, I found that I could travel not only on earth but off earth. This wasn't intuitive at the time because it is hard to go somewhere you can't breathe. One doesn't expect to be able to do this even while soul traveling at first. However, as long as your physical body is breathing here on earth it works. So, after I explored the galaxy for a couple of years in my early twenties I went one day beyond the edge of the galaxy. This was the single most terrifying experience of my life.

I have described this experience before as if I was thrown naked into the Pacific Ocean at midnight with a clear sky with no planes or ships around for thousands of miles all alone. This was extremely terrifying for many different reasons.

The first reason it was terrifying is that I had never been outside the life form that the galaxy is. So, imagine that earth and all the planets and stars are like white and red corpuscles in the body of the galaxy and that we live on one of these corpuscles. But imagine that he galaxy is a living being full of plasma and electricity. And since we are inherently electrical beings like plasma is in stars and in the magma of earth, we are electrical too. However, Dark matter both inside the galaxy and even more so outside the galaxy is not electrical (at least in the same way we are). My theory about dark matter outside the galaxy is that it is somehow both matter and anti-matter that has not been separated. So, when I (both soul and body electric) went into the non-exclusively matter dark matter absolutely everything unbalanced started to fall off my consciousness and as a young man I was not at all ready for that.

However, I have also heard of advanced yogis and masters choosing to go sit in what they call the VOID or Dark Matter in order to more quickly lose parts of them they don't find useful anymore. And I can now understand this. But when I was in my mid 20s I wasn't ready for this experience. It took me until I was 32 and met my first Tibetan Lama to experience that I was okay in the Void past the edge of the galaxy. Then I realized what it was and was able to go to other galaxies too. However, this all took over 15 years or more of various kinds of experiences.

So, I'm describing my personal experience of the Void that some call "Dark Matter". However, I think that since the universe is 96% "Dark Matter" that a more useful name for it would be "Normal Matter" and Galaxies might be considered Anomalous or electrically charged matter instead of the combined somehow electrically charged matter and oppositely charged antimatter being in the same place somehow as "Dark Matter" or as I would like it to be called "Normal Matter" since after all it IS 96% of the universe after all.

Also, I'm describing an actual experience with Dark Matter not a theoretical one. A scientist might go to the ocean and take some water and analyze it and say it is H2O and do all sorts of research on it. However, my experiences are more like a Soul Surfer who has experienced Surfing the universe. So, I'm explaining all this as a soul surfer of the universe so to speak rather than analyzing it from a more scientific perspective. However, if I can do this others have and can do this too. So, I know that there are thousands or more people who have or will do this to in the past, present and future both on earth and beyond earth.

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