Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Advanced Soul Travel

If one understands that everyone "Soul Travels" every time that they think a thought or picture in their minds anything. Then next, people might find that they might want to pray to God to ask if they could be allowed to "Soul Travel" like Angels and Archangels do all the time. Time and space is no limitation for an angel or Archangel. They can be literally anywhere or anywhen at ANY moment that they are needed. This fact might be difficult to grasp for most people but I have just come to accept this "As the way things really are". Also, I have absolutely no need at all to prove this to you. It is simply the way things are from my lifetimes of experience. So, I'm witnessing this truth to you right now.

Belief in Time and Space is useful if you are going to live in a human body. But, as a soul if you are not yet living in a human body or are finished with your present human body a belief in Time and Space may or may not be useful to you anymore even though this might sound paradoxical to say.

So, what Advanced Soul Travel appears to be is realizing experiencially that Time and Space are not the Ultimate reality and are actually very temporary compared to pure Being and infinite Statest of Consciousness. Even particle Physicists often come to the conclusion that the physical universe and time and space may actually be a sort of holographic projection from a 2 dimensional reality. So, a physicist might say something like, "It is as if your flat Screen TV was basic 2 dimensional reality and then that TV projected a Holographic 3 dimensional reality for us to live in here on earth. And that the rest of the physical universe is also projected from that 2 dimensional flat screen." However, if you were to say this to the average person on earth they might say that is crazy. However, many physicists and others believe this is the true basis of reality as strange as it seems.

I actually experience the truth of the universe different than that. Imagine the Universe is only in God's mind. Does that mind need Time and Space to exist really? No. That mind can exist wherever that mind can exist with or without time or space. So then, Time and space become rules of a Video Game that God the Programmer programs with relatively infinite variables which include time and space and souls. But who inhabits those souls? God created all those souls within his own video game to entertain himself or herself or itself because he or she was bored being alone with or without time or space.

Once years ago I Threatened to take my own life if God didn't show himself to me. I was about 21 years old or so when this happened. Next, I found myself out with the Orion Nebula and what God said to me was something like, "You are taking all this too seriously. There are only two sins in the universe. One is taking all this too seriously and the other is not taking it seriously enough." I said, "Why did you create my soul?" At first I translated what God shared with me into English as, "Because I was bored." Because that made more sense to me in my youth. But as I thought about it more that is not the concept. He actually said to me, "I Created your soul because I was Empty". So, he was telling me that he created my soul to give meaning to his life." So, I submit to you that ALL our souls were created because of God needing to create Meaning to His, Her or Its life.

So, God Created us for basically the same reason that humans have children, "To give meaning and happiness to their lives!"

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