Saturday, September 29, 2012

Head of House Subcommitee blocks Aid to Egypt

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The head of the House subcommittee that oversees foreign aid said Friday she was blocking $450 million in emergency U.S. assistance to Egypt sought by the administration. The decision by the subcommittee head, Rep. Kay Granger (R-Tex.), to halt the funds adds to the delay in normalizing aid after protesters attacked the U.S. Embassy in Cairo earlier this month.

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Egypt, Yemen challenge some US ideas

Though I completely understand why a likely very Christian Rep. Kay Granger (R-Tex.) would halt 450 Million dollars in funds I'm not sure whether this will help the situation in Egypt or just make it much worse. Though this might play very well to her constituents in Texas and other very Christian areas of the U.S. other people who are Americans who actually do business in countries like Egypt as well as U.S. Diplomats could also be hurt or killed directly by her actions. We are dealing with a complete cultural disconnect and our government (both Republicans and Democrats must vote) and decide what they are going to do. This action by a single Congresswoman might do something really crazy now like causing secret Egyptian hit squads sent to the U.S. or something equally terrible. Just because witholding money feels good doesn't mean doing so is actually wise even though to a Christian Secular point of view it is exactly what we have always done in cases like this before. And like then we will likely be called a Bully for it as well as ugly Americans for it and likely several to many Americans might die or be injured in multiple middle Eastern nations because of this one action. The problem is for them is that this is like rubbing salt into their perceived wound from the movie. They do not perceive reality at all like Americans do and that is a given. Because of this I wouldn't want to be in President Obama's shoes because this now might get a lot nastier as far as deaths and wounded people in the middle east especially Egypt that are Americans and Europeans. And we may because of this be on a slippery slope to an adversarial relationship with the President of Egypt right now in more ways than one. This is the problem as I see it right now. However, without money Morsi's government likely will collapse within a year or two. But, Turkey is already loaning him money to stay in business to replace the money that may be withdrawn now by the U.S.

The other problem with this is that Egypt and it's U.S. trained army may be soon turned against Israel because of all this as well. So, the tides are turning to something new and different. So, Maybe one question is, "Is Iran more of an enemy to Egypt than Israel is?"

This one question might be pivotal to Israel's ongoing survival than any other. Remember the Middle eastern saying, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." 

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