Monday, September 24, 2012


On a spiritual level motivation is the single most important thing. It is not what you are doing so much as why you are doing what you are doing. This is especially true if you are gifted. I wrote in this spot something called "Practice for Intuitives". However, I realized just now that even though every thing I wrote in this article is true, without the proper motivation, everything I was talking about there isn't very useful at all. So, I realized that I needed to delete that article and put this one in it's place. So, I guess what I need to say here as an intuitive is that what your motivation to be an intuitive is is everything. So, cultivating compassion for all life in the universe as if all life in the universe were all your children, likely is the highest motivation in the use of your gifts as an intuitive. 2nd by the use of your abilities By God's Grace (if you believe in God) you will completely change this world and all others over time into heaven realms. Believing that this is possible is the start of all this actually happening.

All of our lives are a work in progress. Part of my work is to write for effect in that I won't keep my articles in place unless they have a 51% or better chance of helping all or most people that read my articles. So, the first week(s) or so after I write an article I sense people's reactions to what I write. If I feel it is generally more helpful to everyone then I leave an article. If I don't sense this often I will delete it. I think this is a good method for blogging if you want to try it at your blog.

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