Monday, September 24, 2012

The Ideal Man that Women want to live with

The ideal man that women want to live with is mostly just an ideal and doesn't usually exist in real life. The exception to this likely would be a man who is a gentleman who is well bred, caring, multidimensional, educated, has a trust fund, and then with his education and trust fund goes on to found a great business somewhere and makes millions. So, this man because he doesn't have to struggle against all the odds which might cost him his life at any and every point doesn't have to be just so hard nosed that it doesn't turn him into a complete asshole in a relationship.

Because in the end ladies you either usually get an asshole that makes enough money to take care of you and he and any kids that result or you get a nice man who is kind and good with kids. Even in my own case I often have found that I was  one or the other but not usually both at the same time. This is kind of the way it really is in the actual world as opposed to the ideal world. But it usually takes until most women (or men) are about 30 to 40 years old to truly get how all this really works and to move out of their fairy tale ideal of how things should be into the real world of how life actually works at all levels.

And now, with women trying to get ahead in the world both men and women are dealing with the same thing. So now, the ideal wife a man might want that is going to stay at home with the kids while he works doesn't exist much either. So, people with both educations and jobs most of the time are really struggling. And then how do both men and women deal with all this? I really don't know the answer to this question because I was 21 in 1969 when things were very different than now. However, my children age 16 to 41 (3 of my biological kids and two step kids) and in addition to this two God Daughters (one in her mid twenties and one in her thirties now). Anyway, all my children and God Children are all dealing with this question now on one level or another. And what do I have to say about this? "I'm really glad I was 21 in 1969 when things still made some sense!"

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