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Chapter 1: Dragon of compassion

Today:  August 26th 2014: I was looking over "Memories" the online book I have published online free for you to read there at:


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    memories part 1. MEMORIES FROM THE WHEEL OF TIME The Autobiography of Jonathan Flow in several of his Lifetimes 2-12-02 Though the following is a ...
    I realized I wanted to read Chapter 1 and the preface and Introduction that I had put after part 11 years ago now at my other website. As I was reading I decided I wanted to share Chapter 1 with you. The book when you go there in part 1 actually starts with Chapter 2 in an artistic license sort of way. I chose to do this because I felt having to read all the introductory stuff could be sort of tedious for some readers and decided instead to catapult people directly into the experiences and mind of Arcane, a man of the future that I remember being in a past life lived in the past, present and future of now.
    I really cannot explain adequately the mechanism of how all this works. I only can share my personal experience of it. It's sort of like trying to understand how you grew up and evolved as you are doing it. You might study it later but there is no way you could take another little being and have them experience what you did now. The world is different in every way. No matter what they are going to have a different experience than you did, even if this soul is you come again now as a little baby. So, here is what I wrote about my experiences in the past, present and future as Arcane and Jonathan Flow.

Introduction to Arcane
One souls search for truth, wisdom, compassion and loyalty over millions of years.
Chapter 1 Dragon of Compassion
Dragons of Compassion denotes the name of Arcane's Spiritual Lineage of Priest Scientists. His lineage is also called: Compassionate Invincible Protectors of the planet New Deva
Arcane is a young humanoid. At the time his story begins I would say he is between 27 and 29 years old in Earth maturity both mental and physical. His physical lineage comes originally from Earth but about one million years have passed from our present day so a lot of changes have taken place. Earth has colonized many planets and dimensions and those colonies have in turn colonized other planets and dimensions. There are also planetary colonies established between 40,000 and 500,000 years before the year 2000 AD. in Lemuria and Mu's time and later there were colonies from Atlantis that were established between 70,000 and less than 10,000 years before the year 2000 AD. Later still there were colonies first on the moon and then beyond that began in the 20th century onward.
The people of Earth weren't told about early colonies on the moon and Mars and beyond until the 22nd century. These colonies began in 1969 with the first US missions to the moon and continued secretly from then on by joint efforts between first the Soviet union and the United States and later including Japan and Europe. Many of the Shuttle missions contained extra people and supplies between 1969 and 2100.Space stations became staging areas for colonization experiments. Some of the early colonization efforts that were publicly recognized starting in the 2040's and beyond met some of the survivors of these early secret colonies but were requested by the survivor colonists to not publicly share this information on pain of death. President Eisenhower may have traded for UFO technology in 1952 or 3. Since these ufos travel time as well as space the US has been secretly many wheres and many whens. I myself must say that the previous paragraph was complete fiction as a way of protecting both of us.
From the 21st century on there were more and more colonies from earth. They eventually met their relatives on nearby worlds whose ancestors colonized other planets, places and dimensions Thousands and thousands of years before. They discovered colonies further and further out as faster and faster space travel became possible.
Arcane is descended from ancient Lemurian human stock, from Atlantean human stock and descended from more modern human colonists who left Earth to colonize the galaxy during the 23rd through the 25th centuries. Eventually the different colonies from all the different eras that continued to survive met and formed a mutually beneficial alliance and begin trading and even helping each other defend their territories from non humanoids. All the colonists of these thousands of planets adapted physically and mentally to wherever they chose to live. Many have been scientifically and medically modified in order to survive in specific environments. Although Arcane is still humanoid his ancestors have been genetically modified to breathe both water and air and to live underwater for years at a time. He is as at home in the water as on the land or in the air and his fingers are longer than most humans on earth.However, he greatly prefers to breathe air as one can't usually see as far underwater. If possible Arcane prefers to be in the open air with vistas of hundreds of miles. Whenever he can get away he goes to the mountains to be quiet with nature. His skin glows violet and his features are a little different than ours. His eyes are gold and would be very hypnotic for an earth born human to view. He has long hair which shimmers between gold and lavender but it is usually tied back and hidden under the purple and white robes of his hood and lineage. He stands about 6 feet tall and is slim but very muscular from rigorous training in martial arts. The types of martial arts practiced are mainly used to train the mind and to hypnotize opponents into catatonia by physical and psychic movement of consciousness and energy. He has taken vows not to kill because he is a priest in addition to a scientist and protector but can render up to ten opponents at a time unconscious for hours or days by temporarily disconnecting their souls from their bodies. He only does this when there is no other humane alternative available.
He has been rigorously trained and tested to prevent misuse of his gifts and abilities. He has been taught equanimity which is a feeling of equalness, kindness and kindredness towards all beings and all sentient life in the universe. He has been taught never to lose his center. He has been taught it is better to lose ones body than to kill another. However, for the survival of a culture or a planet he was taught that one must sometimes set aside ones vows so that ones culture can survive. Only one in the lineage is allowed this in any era. The rules are strict because a rule breaker would be to dangerous supernaturally to be allowed to live.
******************************************************************************** Arcane is a priest Scientist of New Deva and he is involved in a war. He has been tortured but not killed because it wasn't practical for his enemies to kill him This is because he is very supernaturally endowed. So the most practical solution for his enemies was to lose him in time after trying to twist his mind. After Arcane had temporarily disconnected several thousand soldiers and technicians of Isfahel from their bodies they banished Arcane to Earth in another time.
It is believed that Arcane's sworn enemy the Prophet Tech Noir of the planet Isfahel is a reincarnation of another terrifying leader of 20th century Earth. In Arcane's time as much is known about Earth as we presently know about ancient Greece and China before the time of Christ.
Tech Noir has used his prophetic abilities in conjunction with technological amplifiers to control his planet. His doctrine is that he is the one son of God and that all who do not believe in him will be put to death. Most resistors to Tech Noir have already been murdered on Isfahel. All the humanoids that remain on Isfahel either believe in Tech Noir or pretend to. All the rest are dead or have escaped to other worlds or dimensions.
In the time that Arcane is forcibly sent to Earth there are no humans left in human bodies on Earth. There are still human colonists throughout the Galaxy but any humans that remained on earth that are the descendants of the 21st century have turned into light. The rest moved their bodies and civilizations to other dimensions to protect them from harm.
A war involving about 1000 planets spilled over into earth. As a result earth has been a part of a demilitarized zone for thousands of years now. No physical body of any member of any galactic civilization is allowed to visit earth in the time that Arcane has been banished to. The demilitarized zone was set up to create a buffer zone between humanoid worlds and the worlds of a competing species. The only physical life left on earth is all its wild creatures and plants and organisms that are native to earth and the light realms of earth. The animals finally have earth to themselves once again after so long. They only have to share it with the spirits of the souls that remain who guard earth and its heavens.
Eridian is the guardian of earth along with the other 8 Light elders. Eridian has the legal right in the galaxy to the time line of earth still and he continues to be recognized by the Galactic Legal system. Since he is defined by the Galaxy as an energy being he is still legally recognized as the owner of Earth's timeline by galactic law. This will continue as long as Eridian chooses to maintain planet Earth as his home. Since Eridian is a reincarnation of His Oneness of Lemuria he has held the ownership unbroken for over 1 ½ million years. He is still looked to as the final arbiter for time disputes on earth regarding the last 1 ½ million years. The galaxy owns earth. Eridian owns its time line. Both have extreme legal protection.
Following added 10-2005
None of the stories of "memories" came to be in my life until I began to understand nondualism. This understanding began to take place when I met a Lama in Ashland Oregon around 1980. Though multiple initiations with multiple Lamas in Oregon, California and culminating with the Kalachakra Initiation in 1985 in Bodhgaya, India with the Dalai Lama along with 500,000 others I grew in my understanding of the necessity of having and developing compassion for all beings in the universe, especially if you have been given supernatural gifts like I was at birth. In this way I can use my gifts to help all beings to the end of suffering, the beginning of bliss and towards enlightenment.
I am extremely gratetful for all the gifts I have been given throughout this lifetime and many many others.
Inspiring Books
Books may parents liked when they were alive:
Unveiled Mysteries By Godfre Ray King
The Magic Presence by Godfre Ray King
They read both these books to me by the time I was 5 years old and they both made quite an impression on me.  My mother also loved  a book called "Blessed Among Women" about Mary, the mother of Jesus. And because my father was an electrical Contractor they both loved a book about Nicola Tesla called "The Prodigal Genius" about the life of Nicola Tesla who basically invented alternating current, fluorescent bulbs and who was the first to develop long distance transmission of electrical power through high voltage alternating current. He worked for a time for Thomas Edison but Edison was mostly into direct current even though he invented the incandescent light bulb.
"Same Soul Many Bodies" and also
"Many Lives Many Masters"
both by Dr. Brian L.Weiss, M.D. Same Soul recounts soul progression of future lives his newest therapy for patients, "Many Lives" recounts his early work in hypnotic regression as therapy for his patients
The following books inspired my path and this book
Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda
Dweller on Two Planets by Phylos the Tibetan through Frederick Spenser Oliver (Age 18 in the 1880's) Might be out of print now
The following is the definitive book yet published on UFO's given to me for Christmas by my affluent mother in law several years ago when it was first published.
The Day After Roswell by Colonel Phillip Corso (ret.) actually now he is deceased
Reference Book
The Kalachakra Tantra translated and edited by Jeffrey Hopkins
When I first arrived in India in late December 1985 in Bodhgaya, India. I thought I was there to meet a good friend I first met in Santa Cruz, California. However, when my family and I arrived there 500,000+ people were there to receive the Kalachakra Tantra, an initiation that many Tibetans had walked six months out of deep Tibet to receive knowing they would never be allowed to return to Tibet. There were native peoples in traditional native dress from Tibet,Bhutan,Nepal,and all over India. It is my understanding that this initiation connects the devotee to Shambala and to the King of Shambala.The movie "Shangri-La" first made in the 1930's was a westernized concept of Shambala.
It is my present belief that my present understanding of His Oneness and my book "Memories" were partly facilitated by this approximately 1 week initiation received by 500,000+ people and given by the Dalai Lama in Bodhgaya, India in late December 1985. I am amazed that I was magically directed there not knowing even what the Kalachakra was from Thailand right on time to receive this initiation with my whole family. I am equally amazed at the path that brought me to write "Memories" and many of the beginning sequels.
In 1999 when I rented a motorhome in Munich, Germany and drove through Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the northern tip of Italy,
I found not to far from Aoste, Italy a road that took me near to the Mattehorn. When I intuited where Ragna and Elohar would live on their timeline in the future what I found there on that location was,(you won't believe this) the Dalai Lama Camping Club.
May all Beings in the Universe in all time and space attain Bliss and the Cause of Bliss
May all Beings in the Universe in all time and space Be Freed from Suffering and the Cause of Suffering
May all Beings in the Universe in all time and space never be without the Supreme Bliss that is Free from all Near and Far, All Grasping and Aversion!

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dragonofcompassion - Memories Part 11

My Book Memories Page 11 last page. This is the place to put the text Celeste Weaver Part 2 They woke up the next morning feeling refreshed. Somewhere the ...

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