Monday, August 25, 2014

Should We Call ISIS Evil?

Though everyone wants to get on the bandwagon now to classify ISIS as evil I think we need to consider how it came about.

If we are realistic ISIS or the ISlamic State is actually a reaction to 200,000 dead Sunnis in Syria who have been tortured to death, killed or starved to death there by Assad. Then we have to consider that it was Russia and Iran who enabled Assad to torture and kill all these people and genocide all these mostly innocent civilians who were Sunni. There are now 9 million Sunnis displaced either in Syria or who have gone to other countries (about 2 million Sunnis have fled Syria).

So, if we really want to be serious about how ISIS was created, it mostly was created directly by Assad when he accepted military and economic help from Russia and IRan to genocide the Sunni Muslims in his country this last 4 years.

This is what Cold War actually looks like. Millions of refugees and dead and dying and tortured people.

So, this is where this all began. Now, because the U.S. believes the most in Majority Rule like Great Britain also, we insisted that the Shia majority rule in IRaq which they are. However, that disenfranchised all Sunnis when Maliki (the Shia Ruler) took away all their rights to represent themselves and put many Sunni leader in jail or killed them outright.

So, maybe to equate ISIS to a Bear that was put in a cage and had to watch it's baby be tortured to death. Then, the bear escapes from the Cage and kills everyone around for torturing it's baby to death.

Is the bear bad or just following it's natural nature? However, people nearby who had nothing to do with torturing or killing the bear's baby also have their heads torn off too. So, the bear is killed by Rangers. (the U.S.)

To say ISIS is an Assassins group for assassinating all Shias, Christians, and everyone else not Sunni is a completely true statement. But then, you have to be realistic about how we got here.

Unfortunately, this is too complicated for most people to deal with so they are just going to render ISIS extinct (except as a terrorist organization like Al Qaeda).

The real question for me now is: "Does Assad have the moral authority to rule Syria after killing 200,000 of his Sunni people?"

In the crazy world we presently live in it will go something like this: "Yes. Because he is better than ISIS (which he created) with Russia's and Iran's help of weaponry and genocide of Sunnis."

But, how long will the relatives and friends of the 200,000 dead allow him to rule?

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